Lead Sponsor at SWAN 13th Annual Conference

We had a fantastic time at this year’s SWAN – The Smart Water Networks Forum Conference.

Now in its 13th year, the smart water conference covers a range of topics related to smart water management. This included digital transformation, data analytics, asset management, water quality monitoring, and customer engagement. The event brought together over 30 leading, global utility speakers and diverse industry experts to discuss innovations and trends in the water industry.

This year’s theme was Making Smart Water Mainstream. Smart water solutions are central to what we do at StormHarvester. It was insightful to hear from industry leaders sharing learnings on the smart water journey.

Highlights from the three day conference

  • A keynote talk from Rob Mustard (Director of Digital & Transformation at Scottish Water).

    Rob spoke about the importance of data and data insights. From listening to Rob, it was clear that AI and Machine Learning play an integral role in the smart water journey.

  • A roundtable from our CEO Brian Moloney alongside Emily Timmins (Director of Water Recycling at Anglian Water).

    Brian and Emily led a thought-provoking discussion exploring the challenges and opportunities of embedding digital solutions that empower teams.

  • A presentation from Dr. Nick Mills (Head of Storm Overflow Task Force at Southern Water) during Wastewater Track session.

    Nick spoke about StormHarvester’s ongoing work with Southern Water, with particular focus on rolling out 22,000 sewer level monitors in under 12 months.

As we left Glasgow and returned to Belfast, we had plenty to think and reflect on. We really valued the opportunity to be able to connect with global water industry colleagues. Common themes in conversations throughout the event were the passion, commitment and willingness to change for the benefit of customers, communities and the environment. We’ve returned to work ready to share what we learned with our own colleagues and we feel energised and ready to take on the challenge.

Thank you to the team at SWAN for organising a stellar conference. Roll on 2024!

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