Our Smart Flow Predictor Software uses machine learning and hyperlocal rainfall forecasts to make intelligent sewers and wastewater treatment a reality.

Intelligent Sewer Suite‘s machine learning algorithms can be applied to predict sewer levels/flows, detect early sewer blockage formations and optimise network performance.

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Our Active Attenuation control system allows storm attenuation and rainwater harvesting to be provided in one “smart” tank simultaneously.

Our Open Water Control system can be used to actively or pre-emptively control and optimise water levels within ponds, lakes and reservoirs

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Our Technology.

Whether your focus is managing a sewer network, wastewater treatment plant or attenuating rainwater for a building, our products allow you to optimise your infrastructure using machine learning, IoT and cloud computing technologies.

Our systems accurately anticipate runoff volumes using hyperlocal rainfall forecasts combined with our machine learning technology. This ability to “look into the future” allows us to anticipate future asset behaviour and therefore optimise its performance – retain water, release water, turn off pumps, turn on aerators, etc.

Wastewater Case Studies.

Northern Ireland Water

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Wessex Water

Wessex water provides water and sewerage services to 2.8 million people in the South West of England with 35,000km of sewers, clearing 13,000 blockages a year at a cost of £5m.

Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water provides water and sewerage services to 2.7 million people in the North East of England with 27,000 km of sewers and cleared 9500 blockages in 2019.

Stormwater Case Studies.

Strikes Supermarket and Garden Centre

Strikes supermarket and garden centre is located on the outskirts of Stokesley just off the A172 in Northern England. The facility was rebuilt following a devastating fire in April 2018. The redeveloped site is now home to 3,500sqm of retail space, a 300-seater restaurant and a bakery.

Queens University, Belfast

Queens University, recently ranked as one of the world’s top 180 Universities, is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Queens is at the forefront of discovery and innovation helping to solve some of society’s biggest problems, including climate change, flooding and water shortages.

21 Fairgreen, London

This recently redeveloped site in Cockfosters, North London required 3,000L of attenuation to satisfy a SUDS related planning condition. The property owner also requested that a rainwater harvesting system would be installed on the redeveloped site.

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