About Stormharvester.

StormHarvester is fundamentally changing how we manage our water resources.  As pioneers in smart water management technology, we help drainage engineers and water utilities meet some of society’s most pressing challenges – water quality, flooding and water scarcity.

We are start-up with a close-knit team but having now secured partnerships in the UK and across Europe with leading brands we are now seeking to expand our global presence.

We are therefore expanding our team to further develop our existing products, supporting our current customer base and enable significant growth.

What we need.

At StormHarvester, we are looking for people who care about the environment and are interested in developing solutions to help address tangible real world problems. You will work with our customers to provide IOT, data analytics and machine learning solutions to address capacity issues, introduce efficiencies and provide insights into stormwater and wastewater networks.

StormHarvester is a Northern-Ireland based start-up with partners & customers across the UK, Europe & North America. You will work with water utilities and service providers to provide smart technologies and services which will fundamentally change how we design and manage our stormwater and sewage.

We need people with an open, curious and problem solving mindset, along with a ‘can do’ attitude, to help us work towards our common objective of providing industry-changing solutions

The Benefits of a Career at Stormharvester.

Benefits that StormHarvester offer include:

  • Competitive market equivalent salaries
  • 24 days vacation + 10 public holidays annually
  • Pension with up to 5% matching employer contributions
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance, including dental and optical cover as standard
  • Share Options Scheme
  • Flexible working and locations
  • Free parking at Lisburn Office

Current Opportunities.

Software Development & Delivery Engineer

Full Time Position

Working as part of an initial start-up team, designing, developing, implementing, testing, maintaining, supporting and delivering backend features, functionality and APIs for our customers.

Graduate Delivery & Software Engineer

Full Time Position

Working as part of a start-up team, involved in implementation, testing, maintenance, support and delivering backend features, functionality and APIs for our Waste Water product. You will become familiar with our product, technologies, and processes for delivery.

Facilitator ~ Water innovation Network (WIN)

Required to help a network of Northern Ireland SME’s explore how to incorporate digital technologies into their business offering, which may have the potential to help customers deliver operational efficiencies and reduce their carbon emissions footprint, primarily in the Water, Waste Water and Agri-Food sectors.

Front-End Engineer

Full Time Position

Working as part of an initial start-up team, designing, developing, implementing, testing, maintaining, supporting  and delivering product frontend and interfaces for our customers.

Drainage Engineer – Smart Drainage Products

Full Time Position

This is a new role in Stormharvester, created to lead on project design and delivery in our Smart Drainage division, providing technical support to our partners; and assisting with creating technical presentations for engineers.

Data Analytics and Service Delivery Manager

Full Time Position (part-time will be considered)

This position requires critical thinking, data analysis, a solution-oriented approach, and the development of understanding of what a ‘good’ fit for data looks like for water utility sewers.

Operations/System Reliability Engineer

Full Time Position

This role will involve building, testing and maintaining appropriate infrastructure and tools to provide our customers with an effective, reliable service in an efficient environment.

Stormwater Product Delivery Manager

Full-time (part-time will be considered)

StormHarvester needs someone who can manage project delivery, the hardware elements of the solution, manage customisations, liaise with the software team to make sure the product remains cutting-edge and become the focal point for our trusted partners.