Inflow and Infiltration detector accurately identifies I & I locations across the wastewater network.

I & I causes significant problems for wastewater assets and their operators.

When sea water, river water and the infiltration of groundwater enters the wastewater network, it can cause problems such as increased spills, damage to sewer network infrastructure, imbalance of microbiome in the treatment works and the need to treat larger volumes of wastewater than necessary.

StormHarvester inflow and infiltration detector solves the problem, with analysis that considers:

  • Groundwater levels,
  • Machine learning,
  • Asset performance.


  • Traditionally, I & I has been costly and time-consuming to identify, without frequent site visits and flow monitoring surveys. Inflow and Infiltration detector solves this issue.
  • Water utilities can consider anomalous levels from independent sensor to full wastewater network. This informs understanding of performance and impacts at sensor location, pipe and full network levels.
  • Water utilities can visualise the actual performance of their network under different conditions using real life data rather than using expensive time-consuming theoretical models of the wastewater network.  Performance can be replayed to enable holistic, causal analysis of I & I issues.