User Conference 1.0

On 23 March we held the first ever StormHarvester User Conference at Field Place Manor House in Worthing, with over 100 people present from every UK wastewater utility.

With our work in this industry in the spotlight more than it has ever been before, collaboration and sharing ideas with industry colleagues is absolutely crucial, in order to deliver the standards that customers and the environment deserve. We need to innovate to embrace new ways of working with cutting-edge technology.

We were delighted to welcome attendees for an incredibly insightful event featuring demos and presentations from right across the UK wastewater industry.

Key features of the StormHarvester User Conference

Best practice processes for blockage prediction

Challenges and benefits of a large-scale sensor roll out

Identification of inflow and infiltration (New product demo)

16 different speakers

Representation from every UK wastewater utility

100 attendees


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