The StormHarvester Smart Tank enables water to be held within attenuation tanks. This water can then be re-used on-site.

The system works by continually monitoring short and medium term rainfall forecasts. Once rainfall is forecast the system automatically adjusts the water levels within the tank. Consequently, creating sufficient volume to attenuate the stormwater runoff from the upcoming rainfall. This means that one “Smart” tank can now be used for both Rainwater Harvesting and Storm Attenuation.

Benefits of the StormHarvester Smart Tank.

50% reduction in cost of Rainwater Harvesting System
Less space taken up on-site
Less time spent installing large tanks
On-going reduction in water Charges

Councils, Flood Authorities and Water Utilities where our Smart Tank has been approved.

Environmental Benefits.

Less mains water used on site
Up to 95% reduction in stormwater discharge off site

Frequently asked questions.

The StormHarvester rainfall forecast and runoff prediction technology works by checking forecasted information and determining a “safe level” for water within the tank every 5 minutes.

For the majority of rainfall events (low intensity and short duration events), the system only lowers the water level in the tank by a small percentage. In practice, water levels in the tank are regularly already well lower than the small percentage reduction required given that water is constantly being pumping out of the harvesting tank for reuse on the associated site.

The more intense rainfall events short intense rainfall events (cloudbursts) are predicted using a combination of atmospheric pressure and rainfall forecasts. Cloudburst events will only occur when certain atmospheric pressure conditions are present. The StormHarvester system therefore continually monitors forecasted atmospheric conditions and when conditions conducive to a cloud burst are predicted automatically drains all tanks in the area affected at greenfield rates in preparation for the storm event.

Both the valve and the site controller have built-in rechargeable battery backup packs to allow the system to continue working in the event of a power failure. The system can operate satisfactorily for several days on battery power. Prior to the batteries running down the tank will empty safely at greenfield rates and default back to a standard attenuation tank. Once the power is reconnected the system will automatically recharge the batteries. Automated messages are sent to keep users informed at every stage of the process.

The StormHarvester “controller” and “control centre” carry out system handshakes at 5-minute intervals ensuring that any loss in communications is quickly and automatically detected. If a loss of communications is detected automated warnings are sent to the users directly from the site controller and also from the cloud control centre. If communications are not restored in a given timeframe the tank will empty safely at greenfield rates and default back to a standard attenuation tank.

Our Partners.

We are delighted to introduce our UK Rainwater Harvesting partners, Stormsaver.

Stormsaver’s position as the United Kingdom’s market leader in rainwater harvesting makes them the ideal partners for StormHarvester. They have been designing and manufacturing rainwater harvesting systems for over 15 years and have installations in a wide variety of buildings, such as schools, universities, distribution centres and retail sites. With a reputation for excellence and reliability, Stormsaver are regularly specified by consultants and are preferred by contractors across the UK with over 1800 commercial systems installed, at last count their systems had saved an estimated 23 million litres of water.

Lisa Farnsworth – Managing Director of Stormsaver Ltd – speaks about the StormHarvester system

“Combining the market leading Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems with the StormHarvester technology has allowed us to provide part of every sites attenuation requirement within our rainwater harvesting tanks. This not only saves money for our clients but also speeds up their installation times on-site”

*Not including Northern Ireland

We are delighted to introduce our European partners, Wavin.

Wavin is a leading supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions. As one of the longest established names in the market, Wavin built its reputation on over 60 years of high quality and innovation. Wavin are headquartered are in Zwolle, the Netherlands and have a presence in more than 25 countries with approximately 5,000 employees.

Through their geocellular attenuation systems, Aquacell, QBic and QBic plus, Wavin are the largest crate attenuation manufacturer and supplier in Europe making them the perfect partners for StormHarvester.

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