Customer Data Analyst

JOB REPORTING TO: Head of Customer Technical Delivery

About StormHarvester:

Our products solve problems for water companies and the industry in the real world. They are critical to the environment, economy, and daily life. We use data, analytics, machine learning, and AI to deliver insights to water networks and assets through SAAS and cloud-based services. Our team is expanding to improve our existing products, grow our customer base, and increase revenue.

About the role:

This is a role that will allow you to make a difference to people in the real world helping our customers manage the wastewater network in assessing and improving on the use of our smart wastewater network product. You’ll be actively involved in daily reviews, and use our tools to make models and changes for customers and wastewater sites, as well as using your judgment in assessing how to help our customers improve their service.


  • Review alerting outputs and make necessary changes based on behavioural judgements for individual customers
  • Assess when predicted behaviours are deemed unacceptable or when they should be improved
  • Use StormHarvester tooling to review and assess behaviours
  • Use StormHarvester tooling to create new behaviours and validate if these are an improvement
  • Use StormHarvester tooling in enabling service changes or manually updating outcomes
  • Identify behaviours or outcomes that are not ‘good enough’ and require some additional effort/work from teams to improve
  • Communicate ongoing behaviours and issues and prioritise these based on outcomes and customer requirements
  • Prepare internal reports and feedback on current product behaviours across multiple customers and assets
  • Assess outputs of new product developments and updates
  • Suggest enhancements that would improve behaviours and outputs

Activities will include:

Customer Analysis

  • Daily reviews of outputs to customers
  • Assessment of alerts and potential changes
  • Creation of new models and updates to existing models
  • Prepare customer reports on service delivery as required

Internal Reporting

  • Prepare internal reports and feedback on current product behaviours across multiple customers and assets

Ticket Management

  • Raise internal tickets for work and follow up on their implementation

Input into AI back-end / StormHarvester toolset innovation

  • Look for opportunities for service improvement and to become more efficient
  • Identify tooling improvements including useful new tools and processes

To do the role effectively, you will become familiar with:

  • The wastewater network, components and processes
  •  Varying behaviours at individual nodes and in the network
  • The StormHarvester Products
  • The StormHarvester Tools for understanding and predicting behaviours
  • The StormHarvester customers and SLAs
  • Account Management and StormHarvester responsibilities and commitments
  • StormHarvester customer interfaces
  • Alerting and alarming for sites and customers
  • Predictive models and parameters

Required skill set:

  • Demonstrable analytical capabilities
  • Ability to interpret graphs with respect to actual versus desired behaviours
  • Experience of data analysis
  • Good communicator, verbal and written
  • Familiarity with Microsoft: Excel, Powerpoint, Teams and Word
  • Good client relationship skills

 Desirable skill set:

  • Water industry, water utility or utility domain experience
  • Civil engineering appreciation or experience.
  • Use of business analytical tools
  • Able to create macros/make use of data analysis tooling
  • Experience of working in technical teams
  • Project management experience

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