Smart drainage technology transforming Southern Water’s networks


StormHarvester’s work with Southern Water featured in The Times, January 2023.

StormHarvester smart drainage technology is tackling pollution across the wastewater network at Southern Water.

The £15 million investment to deploy 22,000 sewer level monitors which use smart drainage technology will have a huge impact. It aims to cut pollution incidents by up to 40% between now and 2025.

Digital transformation is accelerating in the wastewater industry. However, you need great analytics to get insights from the huge volume of data. Machine learning is proven to be superior to traditional techniques in terms of accuracy, cost and speed of results. StormHarvester smart drainage technology alerts the control team at Southern Water of network issues in advance. This reduces the threat of blockages like fatbergs, before they become a bigger threat.

Alex Saunders, Southern Water’s Head of Wastewater Networks, said: “This revolutionary technology will mean we can respond proactively instead of waiting for sewers to block.”

Our smart sewer solutions help our customers

  • cut costs,
  • streamline operations,
  • and reduce environmental impact.

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You can find the full article from The Times here.