Our Vision.

Urbanisation, climate change and population growth have pushed us into an era of unprecedented strain on our water supplies and drainage infrastructure.

StormHarvester is solving these problems using fully integrated predictive and proactive water management systems.

Soon, we will look back and wonder how we ever managed our infrastructure without in-depth data analysis and pre-emptive decision making.

  • 2012 - 2016

    The Early Days – Monitoring the Prototype

  • 2012 - 2016

    The Early Days – Testing in Queens University

  • 2016 - 2018

    Product Launch in the UK – Partnership Signing with Stormsaver

  • 2018

    Water Utilities Adopt StormHarvester Control – Southern Water Trials

  • 2018

    Water Utilities Adopt StormHarvester Control – Site Commissioning

  • 2019

    Expanding our reach – Partnering with Wavin across Europe

  • 2020

    Expanding Our Reach – Smart Valve Installation

Our Story.

The ‘eureka moment’ for the StormHarvester concept was in 2012 while Brian, our MD, was working as a civil engineer in Queensland, Australia.  Realising that if rainwater harvesting tanks were drained en masse ahead of a storm, the additional water storage capacity this made available could significantly abate the regular flooding experienced in the region that year. 

The result of the subsequent 3+ years of R&D with Queen’s University in Belfast, United Kingdom, StormHarvester’s automated water management software platform was born in 2016.

Backed by venture capitalist investment, the business has partners in over 20 countries and is now also using cutting edge machine learning technology to tackle problems in Wastewater Networks such as sewer blockages and Combined Sewer Overflows or escapes (pollution and flooding).

Our Expertise.

Unashamedly nerdy about our subject matter and all with a shared vision for creating the future of drainage. The perfect meld of chartered engineers, technology experts and commercial acumen to create, deliver and support pioneering technology-based drainage solutions.

Our Team.

Brian Moloney

Chief Executive Officer

Brian is a civil engineer specialising in drainage and flood prevention with over 10 years’ experience running an engineering consultancy operating in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Due to his inherent enthusiasm for civil engineering and StormHarvester’s products, Brian still remains very ‘hands on’ with customers and projects, as well as driving the business’s strategy and growth.

Neil Macdonald

Non-Executive Director

Neil has 13 years’ experience in both environmental engineering and the technology sectors. He previously built a successful environmental engineering consultancy and a technology business before joining StormHarvester in late 2017.

Neil’s focus is on securing and growing partnerships for the business as well as assisting with business strategy and growth.

David Barriskill – Head of Business Services

David Barriskill

Head of Business Services

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David has had a long career in electronic and software R&D – holding senior project management positions in both multinationals and start-up’s in the UK and Ireland.

At StormHarvester he takes responsibility for day to day component procurement and budget control. He also provides pre-sales customer support.


Peter O’Connor – Head of Engineering

Peter O’Connor

Head of Engineering

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Peter is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with 35 years’ experience in product development and new product introduction.

He has extensive experience in development, installation and commissioning of electrical systems with both multinationals and start-up companies.

Peter leads our hardware and electrical design and fabrication work.


Stevie Gallagher – Chief Technology Officer (Waste Water)

Stevie Gallagher

Chief Technology Officer

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Stephen has 25+ years of experience in software engineering management and delivery roles, including the creation of a cloud-based IoT platform and servicing high profile clients such as Vodafone and Airtel.

Stephen is CTO and Tech Lead or Wastewater products. The role involves product R&D as well as delivering systems to meet client specifications.


Trevor Murray

Head of Technology

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Trevor has almost 20 years’ experience as a software engineer. He graduated in 2002 with an honour’s degree in Information Technology & Computing.

Trevor has worked with StormHarvester since 2014 and was integral to the design, development and launch of our first product range. He currently focuses on product R&D as well as supporting clients with more technical requirements where necessary.