We are delighted to introduce our UK Rainwater Harvesting partners, Stormsaver.

Stormsaver are the UK's market leader in rainwater harvesting and have been designing and manufacturing rainwater harvesting systems for over 15 years. They have installations in a wide variety of buildings, such as schools, universities, distribution centres and retail sites. With a reputation for excellence and reliability, Stormsaver are regularly specified by consultants and are preferred by contractors across the country. With over 1800 commercial systems installed, their systems have saved an estimated 23 million litres of water.

Together with Stormsaver we are providing an innovative solution to the UK construction industry, enabling attenuation tanks to double up safely as rainwater harvesting storage. With increasingly stricter requirements for attenuating flood control on new build sites, this smart system reduces mains water consumption and makes use of the regularly redundant attenuation tanks.


Lisa Farnsworth – Managing Director of Stormsaver Ltd – speaks about the StormHarvester system

“Combining the market leading Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems with the StormHarvester technology has allowed us to provide part of every sites attenuation requirement within our rainwater harvesting tanks. This not only saves money for our clients but also speeds up their installation times on-site”

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