StormHarvester – Network Analysis.

Network Assessment allows detailed assessment of waste water network performance quickly and easily. The system seamlessly integrates with most SCADA and cloud storage platforms to allow clear visualisation of individual asset and overall network performance over several years.

The Network Assessment software allows for quick and easy compliance reporting on all CSO and overflow events. The reason for, exact duration, severity and rainfall intensity during each individual CSO event can be simply identified and reported.

Seamless Integration with SCADA systems
Easy reporting and compliance for 1,000’s of pumping chambers instantaneously
  • Quickly identify the reason for and severity of each individual overflow and CSO event (including rainfall intensity during the event)
  • Dry Weather Flow in each chamber determined without additional flow meters
  • Instant Visibility on Historic Pumping Chamber Performance
  • Quickly compare Yearly/Quarterly Chamber Performance over several years.
  • Easily identify asset locations and details

  • Easily compare network performance against targets
  • Quickly compare yearly/quarterly network performance
  • Easily Identify problem sites
  • Identify and rank CSO’s and Pumping Chambers that are sensitive to rainfall, pump failures or blockages

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