Automated monitoring and control of drainage infrastructure.

Enabling reduced capital expenditure, optimised water management, and environmental improvement.

Combined Attenuation & Rainwater Harvesting

No need for two separate tanks

Reduce rainwater harvesting installation costs by up to 50%

Save space on site

Ponds, Lakes,

Drain waterbodies ahead of the storm to prevent flooding

Retain water in attenuation ponds to increase settlement and reduce wet weather discharge


Full visibility and control of your wastewater network

Reduce Combined Sewer Overflow by up to 30%

8 times cheaper than capital upgrades

Our Technology.

StormHarvester links civil infrastructure such as valves, pumps and floodgates to a highly accurate short to medium term rainfall runoff prediction.

In short, our systems know what rainfall is coming and then automatically tell your infrastructure how best to react – retain water, release water or pump, tailored to your precise site characteristics.

This allows us to optimise the use of your traditional drainage infrastructure by applying modern IoT, cloud and machine learning technology.

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