Flood Prevention

Ever wonder why our flood prevention infrastructure only begins to work after heavy rain has begun to fall…?

StormHarvester is not like traditional flood prevention infrastructure….

StormHarvester starts to work the minute a flood is predicted. Its highly accurate short – medium term rainfall prediction system allows water retention structures to take action prior to heavy rainfall allowing them to adequately prepare for additional runoff and therefore prevent flooding.


Case Studies

Villa Coote, Lurgan

Following winter flooding in 2015/2016 StormHarvester were approached by a leading Engineering Consultancy firm to assist in developing a flood prevention system at Villa Coote in Lurgan, N Ireland. Flood waters had caused significant damage in all basements of the 7,000sqft structure. A Stormharvester system was installed to drain down the water retention structures on the property prior to future predicted floods and allow the property to avail of this additional attenuation volume. Subsequent flood water has been contained within the existing water retention structures and no further flood damage has been reported at the property.

Predictive Reservoir Level Reduction

By lowering the levels of water within the reservoir prior to predicted heavy rainfall more runoff would be captured within the reservoir during the storm therefore preventing water levels from reaching the spillway. This is likely to significantly reduce incidence of flooding in a school immediately downstream of the spillway. Water levels are lowered by retrofitting a StormHarvester valve to an existing sluice gate. The StormHarvester valve automatically opens to adjust water levels within a pre-programmed range of water depths. This allows water levels to be adjusted within acceptable thresholds to local anglers, environmentalist and other interested reservoir users.