Stormwater Product Delivery Manager

REPORTING TO: Chief Operating Officer (COO)
LOCATION: Belfast/Derry Office + WFH


Our stormwater business has ticked over during the pandemic given there was a general slowdown in the commissioning of new building projects. This is now changing quickly as the economy in the UK and Europe returns to normal.

StormHarvester needs someone who can manage project delivery, the hardware elements of the solution, manage customisations, liaise with the software team to make sure the product remains cutting-edge and become the focal point for our trusted partners.

The Stormwater Product Delivery Manager is a key new hire whose responsibilities are essential to the future growth and profitability of the company. Hitherto, these responsibilities have been spread across the business and not formalized, a situation not unusual in tech start-ups. Consolidation of these responsibilities into a new role will bring new renewed focus and momentum to the stormwater segment.



  • Electrical engineering including circuit design, IoT systems, telecommunications, software design and programming, control systems and artificial intelligence
  • Project management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Partner relationship management
  • Microsoft: Excel, Powerpoint, Teams and Word


  • Electrical Engineering degree or equivalent
  • in delivery of electrical projects and smart, IoT based solutions
  • Project management of multiple parallel projects
  • 5+ years experience in managing relationships with suppliers and/or partners
  • Experience in the water industry and/or pumps or actuated valves is a bonus


The Stormwater Product Delivery Manager has the following responsibilities:

  • Project management and customisations: To work with the software team and sales partners to deliver the entire solution on time and on budget, ensuring product customisations and/or changes to engineering drawings are appropriately managed (50%)
  • Supplier and sales partner relationship management (20%)
  • Take a lead role in managing suppliers such as CEON, valve and pump consultancies well as our sales partners such as WAVIN
  • Being the point of contact for site installations and product queries
  • Hardware sourcing: When required, to source individual solution components such as aerials and sensors (5%)
  • Product mgt: To own the hardware elements of the product ensuring they are well-designed and in line with the latest UK and European electrical engineering standards and requirements (5%)
  • Customer sales meeting support: Support CEO, COO etc in sales meetings when required (5%)
  • Product roadmap: Work with the Head of Technology, COO and CEO to develop an appropriate, innovative roadmap to maximize company profit (5%)
  • Reporting: Create a project/sales funnel for the Stormwater business and regularly update the COO and CEO (5%)
  • Planning & Marketing: Support the COO in creating a plan to scale the business as the opportunity and workload increases as well as helping to develop content that can be used to promote the product (5%)

Current Opportunities.

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