Expensive storm attenuation infrastructure is now installed on practically all new developments. This regularly takes the form of large tanks or crates systems. Unbelievably, these structures lie empty more than 99% of the time.

StormHarvester enables attenuation structures to also be used for rainwater harvesting. Refined through 3 years of R&D and water authority approved, our smart technology continually monitors and optimises water levels within your attenuation system. By maximising available volumes of reusable water, StormHarvester ensures attenuation tanks contribute far more than just flood prevention to their developments.

Summary Benefits…

Reduce Cost of Rainwater Harvesting Systems by up to 80%
Slash payback time on Rainwater Harvesting Systems to 2-5 years
Reduce drainage footprint for sites with Rainwater Harvesting and Attenuation
Reduced storm loading on WWTWs in combined systems
Provide real time alerts if attenuation outlets partially or fully block
Provide accurate rainfall and catchment runoff data via attenuation monitoring logs

Queens University, Belfast

• StormHarvester system installed on the David Keir building
• Tank water levels optimised to provide a source of recycled water


Anaerobic digestion Plant

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Illustrative Studies

Commercial building